Mario Forever: Block Party

Mario Forever: Block Party 2.5

A mix between a puzzle and platform game featuring Mario
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Michal Gdaniec

Mario has lost his ability to jump. Put your logic to the test and try to correctly stack bricks over the water. The levels get much more complicated as your progress.

Mario Forever Block Party is a game in which you will need to act logically. This time, Mario will not have to avoid or destroy monsters. In fact, he cannot even jump. He is in the Mushroom Kingdom, and on each level he has to throw stone blocks into water. It seems easy at the beginning, but you can bet everything gets more complicated as you advance through the hundred of levels that the game has in store. You will have to push the stones in a certain order, or you will not be able to throw them all.

If you cannot complete your task, or if you fall into the water, you lose a life, and you will need to begin the level from the scratch. The game resembles the classic Sokoban, but with Mario as its star, and the familiar c music from the Mario saga.

The game is downloaded by means of CNet´s downloader, which is a bit dodgy and installs a browser toolbar in addition to the game itself. Some antivirus programs may identify the downloader as a potential trojan because of that, but there are no viruses in it. Just some adware.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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